Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wrinkles And Aging: Surprising Facts About Sun Damage

There are a lot of misconceptions about skin aging, specifically when it comes to wrinkles and other blemishes on the skin.  There's no doubt that wrinkles are distressing; even the tiniest of lines at the corner of your eyes herald the onset of aging.  Many women are surprised by the appearance of wrinkles, at what they consider a still youthful period of their life. They wonder what sort of genetic flaw expose them to the fate such as developing wrinkles early on in life. Wrinkles and aging seem to go hand in hand, but the fact is that wrinkles are not always caused by natural aging process or even by genetics.

Is genetics the cause?

Genes do have a role to play in how fast wrinkles set in, and how soon you will develop them. Many women have noticed that if their mothers, aunts and grandmothers developed wrinkles on their face later in life, then they also tend to develop wrinkles late in life. But good genes are no protection against the damage that external factors can do to cause your skin. One very potent factor is UV rays.

UV rays -- why you need to be careful

UV rays are very harmful, and they may be even more harmful than the natural aging process of the skin. Contrary to what most women believe, wrinkles are not caused by genetics or natural aging where the skin's rejuvenating, natural properties are hampered by age. Instead, many wrinkles can be prevented if you are careful enough to protect your skin against ultraviolet rays when still young.

Skin damage

Ultraviolet rays are most often associated with skin cancer, but they also cause other types of problems, such as blemishes on the skin including wrinkles, discoloration, sunspots and so on. Many women also complain of discomfort and dryness in the skin if exposed to ultraviolet rays for too long. These factors combine together to give rise to lines and furrows on the face. You do not necessarily have to be of a particular age to develop wrinkles; therefore it is recommended that you always keep the sun protection cream handy, and if you have the slightest doubt about the products you're using when it comes to skincare, switch to more reliable products such as an age-defying moisturizer.

An age-defying moisturizer such as Bellaplex is effective because it targets the problem of lack of hydration which results in wrinkles and other problems that cause dull, lifeless looking skin. Additionally, the product will reduce the appearance of wrinkles by softening the skin thanks to its intensive hydration. Lines, wrinkles, even crows' feet around your eyes, that are often the first signs of aging to appear on the face, can all be tackled if you use the right product to treat the problem and nip it in the bud.

Sun damage does not occur only when you're outdoors. If you are sitting on the porch or by the window and are exposed to ultraviolet rays, your skin will take some amount of damage depending on the amount of exposure. Therefore it is important that you keep this factor in mind when choosing skincare products.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Start Using An Anti-Aging Facial Cream To Control The Signs Of Aging

Most of us would ideally like to appear young and radiant even when we are advancing in years. However, like it or not, we have to take the process of aging in our stride and accept that with age, our skin would appear thin and haggard. This is not the end of the world though. There are steps we can take to erase the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and other signs of aging. For instance, we can start using an effective anti-aging facial cream from a leading brand to fight back the signs of aging and look our best even as the years roll by.

There are quite a few cosmetic companies doing commendable work in this domain. You can go online to know more about some unique formulations being created that can visibly reduce wrinkles and fines lines over a period of time when applied as directed. You can procure such a product and use it to erase the appearance of the signs of aging around the eyes or in the forehead area that might have started to show. You can try the Bellaplex anti-aging moisturizer formulated using key ingredients, such as Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, and Hyaluronic acid to enhance skin hydration and soften the appearance of visible wrinkles.

Include a cream with anti aging benefits in your daily skin care routine to keep that youthfulness and suppleness in your skin intact. Cleanse and tone your skin before applying the cream for best results. Choose a facial cream that is not greasy and is absorbed quickly for getting smooth and soft skin.

Select wisely and you can procure effective products that can make your skin firmer and more radiant over time. As a matter of fact, many women in different parts of the world today have started applying an anti aging facial cream from a brand of their choice to get back the radiance and glow they had given up on. Join this community of beauty conscious women and keep your skin looking young, soft, and vibrant for a long time to come.