Friday, 29 August 2014

Get A Firmer Skin And Beat Wrinkles

Personal hygiene plays a major role in maintaining the health of your skin. Washing and showering every day has a positive effect on your skin in the longer term. The pores of your skin need unrestricted passage to absorb oxygen, which is vital for the regeneration of the skin cells. So, if you are on the wrong side of 30 and are trying to tackle wrinkles and lines on your face, an age-defying moisturizer can be helpful but you must also remember that on its own, the moisturizer can do little if your personal hygiene regime is not good enough. Even the best skin care products with proven track record will fail, if your personal hygiene is poor.

Anti-aging creams should have skin hydrating qualities

Your skin needs consistent hydration throughout the day and night, and a large part of that is sourced through the water inside the body. This is a major but not the only source of skin hydration, as there is a restriction to the amount of water that different parts of the skin can absorb from different sources. Another major way of hydrating the skin is by using anti-aging skin care creams or lotions that are free from harmful chemicals like parabens. Do a little research to know which products have been getting good reviews from users.

A good product will diminish the wrinkles within a week 

An age-defying moisturizer should be able to first hydrate your skin adequately because this is a basic requirement of all good skin care products. You should be able to experience a marked difference in the look and feel of your skin with the lines and wrinkles getting diminished considerably. If the product contains enough ingredients that help retain moisture in the skin, a major part of your skin care routine is taken care of. The Bellaplex range of skin care products offers an excellent option to make your skin look fresher, more vibrant, and youthful.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Why Alcohol And Smoking Are Bad For Your Skin?

Cigarette users are aware of the damage that nicotine causes. There are messages everywhere, telling smokers to quit. From lung cancer to bad teeth, the list is endless, and if you did not know it, here is another reason to quit.

Smoking causes skin dryness

Exposure to smoke from cigarettes over the long term causes the skin to become dry. As skin becomes dry, it becomes prone to lines, wrinkles, and so on. Premature aging is another problem that smokers have to face. No wonder dermatologists are increasingly asking people to quit smoking, if they want to prevent wrinkles.

Even if you are exposed to smoke when other people are smoking around you, you're still risking your skin's youthful appearance, not to mention your overall health. You can give your skin care routine a boost by quitting the habit and staying away from smokers.

There's another lifestyle factor that can cause skin damage.

Alcohol consumption

The florid faces of those who tipple a bit too much are caused by increased blood flow, due to enlarged blood vessels. That typical redness of skin is unseemly and detracts from the natural beauty of healthy skin. By reducing alcohol consumption, you will be doing your skin a big favor and helping it maintain smooth, flawless complexion.

If you have other skin-unfriendly habits, such as too little sleep, little to no exercise, and not using sunscreen, then you dramatically heighten the chance of getting wrinkles on your face, discoloration, and other aging symptoms, even if you are relatively young.

Using a facial cream designed to deal with signs of skin aging is also helpful when you're trying your level best to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. Facial cream, such as Bellaplex, can give a boost to your skin care routine. Aging, whether the natural process brought on by genetics, or due to external factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, causes many changes to the skin. Reversing some of these changes or reducing them might offer beneficial results and this is the principle on which anti-aging creams such as Bellaplex work.